Finally, a single technology platform that directly connects engineers, recruiters, and employers.

A Better Way To Find
Great Engineers


Welcome to the New World

We’ve worked hard to create a complete talent ecosystem that connects engineers, recruiters, and employers in a totally new way. Engineers get highly relevant job leads, recruiters get a steady stream of qualified candidates, and employers can foster competition between experienced recruiters to find top-tier engineering talent. You’ve never seen anything like this.

I'm a Recruiter

If you’re like our co-founders, you work hard finding and screening candidates. You need an intelligent, personal ATS that makes recommendations from your own resume database and also attracts new candidates into your workflow.

I'm an Employer

Rather than relying on a single staffing partner and their recruiting team to meet your needs, why not run a contest and let hundreds of highly experienced recruiters compete for your job request? Set your own prize and contest duration.