A Story Worth Telling

We are a next-generation tech staffing startup with deep Silicon Valley roots -- founded by engineers and recruiters at the top of their game.

Meet our Team

Our co-founding team has been on both sides of the recruitment process for over ten years. We are on a mission to transform the tech staffing industry into one that is more intelligent, efficient, and transparent.

Leroy Ware
Engineering & Architecture

Leroy is a technology entrepreneur, software engineer, and AI researcher with Silicon Valley DNA. He has worked for some of the most well-known organizations in the world, including HP, Apple, Cisco, PayPal, Mozilla, Deloitte, and the US government. He is a prolific coder with extensive experience building applications that work at scale.

Heather Ware

Heather is a creative polymath whose work includes everything from graphics design, digital marketing, and WordPress development to HTML5, CSS3, and hardcore frontend Javascript engineering in Angular and React.js. She has done work for a number of well-known brands, including Charles Schwab, Cisco, Burton, Apple, Skype, and the Dallas Cowboys.

Oswaldo Brignoni
Fullstack Engineering

Oz (aka "The Wizard") is a fullstack Javascript engineer and tireless tech entrepreneur with deep expertise in Serverless software development and AWS infrastructure. He specializes in React and Node.js, but has a breadth of experience and a gift for problem solving that transcends any particular language, stack, or framework.

Jerry Crabb
DevOps & Infrastructure

Jerry Crabb brings over 20 years of experience in system administration and cloud infrastructure. He was a co-founder of the early dating website MatchMaker.com, which was acquired by Lycos in 2000. He has extensive experience architecting, deploying, and managing large-scale containerized and serverless cloud infrastructures.

Nathan Garza
Mobile Engineering

Nathan is a mobile engineering savant with over a decade of experience building iOS and Android applications, both natively and via React Native. He is also a seasoned fullstack Javascript engineer with extensive experience in React and Node.js. He has a passion for elegant code patterns and modern frameworks and drives all aspects of our mobile strategy.

Tanson Bothe
Product Design

Tanson whips out beautiful digital prototypes at light speed. He has a relentless passion for product design, and for continuously improving himself and the teams he works on. A native of Dallas, Tanson spent several years in Silicon Valley immersed in the startup scene, and his design style reflects the minimalistic principles he developed there.