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The Job-Finding App
for Engineers

Stop looking for your next opportunity.
Let the work come to you.

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Let Your Next Job Come To You

You’re an engineer helping shape our future. You need a job-finding app as smart as you are. Welcome to Knack for Engineers, a mobile app FOR engineers, BY engineers. We’re on a mission to transform the tech staffing industry into one that is more intelligent, efficient, and transparent.

Remote Opportunities

Want to work from home or remotely? Knack is connected to job boards, staffing firms, and employers who embrace remote work. There are also plenty of onsite roles.

Personalized Job Feed

Knack’s job crawler monitors hundreds of job boards, enabling us to stream opportunities right to your phone. It also gives you direct access to recruiters and employers.

Interview Scheduling

Many jobs in your feed are posted directly by staffing firms and employers. Applying and scheduling interviews for these jobs can be done from right within the app.


Let the work come to you.

The old ways of finding a job are no longer effective for most of the workforce. Outbound methods, like uploading resumes, searching the web, and sending cold emails are proving less and less effective.

Instead of looking for opportunities the old way, try Knack for Engineers. Simply upload your resume to a single mobile app and get connected with thousands of recruiters and employers looking for skills and experience exactly like yours.

Where do all
the jobs come from?

There are a lot of amazing engineering opportunities  out there perfectly matched to your unique skills and preferences, but finding them isn’t always easy. They are scattered across numerous job boards, staffing agencies, and employer career pages and HR departments. Our goal with Knack for Engineers is to combine all of those job sources into a simple, unified mobile experience that you can access at any time right from your phone. Knack for Engineers is like your personal recruiting assistant that is always actively working on your behalf to make sure opportunities you might be interested in hit your radar as quickly as they appear.

Job Crawler

Our job crawler monitors hundreds of RSS feeds and does a full HTML crawl of job posts to create detailed hiring requests that can be matched against your profile.

Hiring Managers

Knack for Engineers gives you direct access to the top staffing firms and employers in the US, who can directly request interviews with you through our platform.


You will also have direct access to hundreds of recruiters via Knack for Engineers, who can send you interview requests directly through the app.


With so many engineers engaging with our platform, we expect plenty of feedback and criticism. We welcome it! A few common questions are answered below. Feel free to reach out if you have others.