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Automate Your Candidate Flow and Hiring Process

Knack for Teams gives HR departments and staffing firms direct access to some of the best engineers in the US and helps automate all aspects of the recruitment process.
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A Talent Platform for Recruiting Teams


Automated candidate recommendations within seconds after you submit a request.

Featured Listings

Your job requests will be presented directly to matching candidates via web and mobile.

Interview Automation

Send interview requests, confirm interviews, and keep your calendar in sync with your pipeline.

Resume Parsing

Upload resumes into Knack and within seconds you'll have a rich candidate profile.

Advanced Search

Search your candidate database based on skills, location, education, and many other features.

Talent Analytics

All of your talent acquisition data in one place. Track your recruiters and candidate pipelines in real time.

“Modern talent platforms should do a better job of incorporating modern UI design and topics from AI. Smarter, easier-to-use tools that present recruiters with high quality recommendations would allow them to spend more time vetting candidates and less time searching for them."

Leroy Ware
Co-Founder & CTO,

Automate your talent acquisition.

You've never seen a talent platform like this. Knack for Teams provides you with a constant flow of high-quality candidate recommendations. It also presents your job requests directly to qualified candidates, who can submit their profiles from the personalized job board or Knack for Engineers mobile app. Knack for Teams will help you build a candidate database that you can leverage for years to come and streamline all of your processes for acquiring new talent.


Tap into our Amazing Engineering Network

Our personalized job board and Knack for Engineers mobile app makes highly tailored recommendations to engineers based on their unique skillset. We aggregate jobs from top job boards and present them as "Organic Listings" to engineers. Above those, we display "Featured Listings" from our clients, including staffing firms and employers. Candidates can apply to your job right from right within the app, or you can reach out to engineers based on recommendations presented to you from within Knack for Teams.

The Knack Ecosystem connects staffing firms and employers directly to the best engineers in the world.


A Talent Platform for Recruiting Teams

Automate your candidate flow and hiring process.
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