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Personalized Job Feed analyzes your resume and creates a personalized job feed based on your unique skillset. Jobs come from several sources, including job boards, staffing firms, employers.

Featured Listings

Many jobs in your feed are posted directly by staffing firms and employers. Applying for these jobs can be done within seconds. Just specify your expected compensation and click!

Available on Mobile

If you'd like to monitor your job feed while you're on the go, install Knack for Engineers. The mobile app has additional features not present in the web app..

Remote Opportunities

Want to work remotely? is connected to job boards, staffing firms, and employers who embrace remote work. There are also plenty of onsite roles.

Powerful Filters

In addition to personalizing results based on your profile, also offers powerful filters to let you further refine your job feed, and even exclude certain jobs.

Full-Time & Contract Roles includes thousands of full-time and contract roles, and it's easy to custom tailor your job feed based on your preferred work style.