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Need an Amazing Staffing Partner?

Our recruiting ninjas can quickly help put your talent acquisition on autopilot.


Whether you need web and mobile developers with expertise in modern stacks, or devops/cloud gurus who can automate your deployments and infrastructure, we can help. 


If you need network experts, robotics engineers, or other hardware professionals, no one can find them faster than we can. Many of our clients work at the intersection of hardware and software.

What We Do

Contract Placements

Need part-time or full-time contractors who can hit the ground running? We can help introduce you to some of the best onsite and remote contractors in the US.


If you need seasoned contractors who are willing to prove themselves before joining your company on a full-time basis, we've got you covered. 

Direct Hire Placements

We can also help you find full-time employees who are passionate about your company and can bring a wealth of experience to your organization.

Intern Placements

We love college students!. If you need engineering interns, we'd love to introduce you to some of the brightest youngsters in the engineering space.

Recruitment Outsourcing

If your company doesn't have an effective internal recruiting team, we can serve as an extension of your HR department, handling all of your recruiting needs.

Team Augmentation

If you need to rapidly assemble an entire team or expand an existing one, we can help you scale your engineering capacity very quickly.

Guaranteed Talent Flow Within 48 Hours

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